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            Who are the Tomatometer-approved critics?

            Tomatometer-approved critics come from all across the U.S., and the world. They publish on a variety of platforms – among them you’ll find podcasters, newspaper and magazine writers, bloggers, and YouTubers. Reviews from Tomatometer-approved critics form the trusted Tomatometer® score for movies and TV shows. Their reviews embody several key values – insight and dedication among them – and meet a set of Eligibility Guidelines. To see our full list of Tomatometer-approved critics, click here.

            If you'd like to find out how to join their ranks, check out our Critics Criteria here. Applications are accepted twice a year, between March 1-31 and September 1-30.

            Critic Spotlight

            • Rosa Parra
              Rosa Parra

              is the co-founder of the Latinx Lens podcast & assistant editor at In Their Own League. She’s a member of LEJA, OAFFC, & HCA. Find Rosa @rosasreviews

            • Mike Sargent
              Mike Sargent

              is Chief Film Critic for WBAI Radio's REELWORLD. He’s also a founding member & co-president of the Black Film Critics Circle (BFCC). Find Mike @mikeonscreen

            • Shea Vassar
              Shea Vassar

              is a Cherokee Nation citizen & journalist based out of Lenapehoking (Brooklyn, NY). She contributes to Film School Rejects, JumpCut Online & Film Daze. Find Shea @justsheavassar

            • Bay Area Reporter
              Bay Area Reporter

              is a weekly San Francisco-based newspaper serving the LGBTQIA+ community, known for its advocacy and broad circulation. Find Bay Area Reporter @eBARnews

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            Latest Reviews



            • Irma Vep

              [A] perfect addition to the Criterion Collection, and the 2K digital restoration is mighty fine, keeping the fly-by-night graininess of the picture while making it feel like the most pristine version of itself.

              Clint Worthington, The Spool

            • Memories of Murder

              For those used to the brighter, more dynamic color palette of its original release, this may prove a challenging adjustment. Still, the set more than makes up for it with a bevy of other extras, including two (!) commentaries.

              Clint Worthington, The Spool

            • Horizons West

              Horizons West sees the great and still undervalued Budd Boetticher operating on a more epic scale but still with his distinctively ruthless efficiency.

              Derek Smith, Slant Magazine

            Critics' Buzz

            Thunder Force is rotten!

            正版资料大全全年2019 小说